How To Make a TRAVEL VIDEO — Top 2 Tips you need to know

In this article, I will discuss the top 2 filmmaking tips to make your travel videos the best that they can be right off the bat. So whether you’re just starting or you’ve been making videos for years this article is for you.

Film Making Tips

My name is Mithun and for the past three years now I’ve been making travel videos and by some crazy chance, it has become my full-time job.

Now the first Tip is something you’re not gonna hear anywhere else and that’s where I pride myself on giving people insider information and that is to actually turn your camera on there’s a little power switch right here.

Number one for real this time understands your equipment and when I say understand your equipment I mean know how the focal lengths how the camera that you’re working with will impact the image that you’re getting.

but let’s go through a couple of examples if you’re shooting with a GoPro. it’s a fantastic travel camera. one thing that you should know is that it’s waterproof. so all of a sudden you have that upper hand of being able to achieve and tell a unique story that most cameras will not ever be able to do.

Another thing that you should know with a wide-angle lens you’re not gonna be able to tell what’s going on in the distance. So even though something may only be 20 feet away from you. it’s gonna show up like a speck in the video shot with a GoPro. On the other hand, if you invest it in. let’s say like a t5i rebel camera something that has the ability to change lenses. well, you need to understand how those different lenses will allow you to achieve different shots.

We now have two lenses this lens right here allows me to get wide-angle shots. kind of like the GoPro but not quite as wide and this lens right here allows me to get extreme close-ups. Not only does that mean that I can shoot things further away but it also means that the subject will now appear closer to their background. so if I have somebody standing in front of the mountains, the mountains now become humongous. whereas if I shoot with a GoPro or a wide-angle lens like this one. Well, what it’s going to do is the exact opposite it’ll make the mountains in the distance seem really small and the subject will seem big and upfront. so understands how your different lenses how your equipment will affect the shot and shoot accordingly. and if you’re shooting with a cell phone that has two lenses that same logic applies. and one other implication is stability if I was to pan with my GoPro, I would have a much more stable shot than if I just panned with my camera with this lens on the shake will be much more noticeable with a very distance telescoping lens.

Travel tip number two is to understand the difference between slow motion, fast motion, and when to use them. so a lot of people when they first pick up their cameras they’re all excited because for the first time just like this they’re able to feel at like five times slower than real life.

if you’ve got one of those new GoPros you can shoot ten times slower than real life. and it’s such a cool effect but it’s not to be overused. the slow-motion should only be used to emphasize a story. if it doesn’t add to the story don’t use slow motion.

the same can be said with doubling up the speed or quadrupling the speed. sometimes I see people using drone shots and they just go times 10 on the speed and then all of a sudden they’re rushing through the air and it feels really weird because you can see the shake being caused by the drone moving around being pushed by the wind. you can see the waves are moving 10times faster and it doesn’t look natural. it really takes away from the moment.

so if you’re gonna speed something up with fast motion at least make sure it’s part of the intended effect. personally, when I do fast motion, I typically like to cut up my clip so that it’s more of a gradual up and then a gradual down. so in other words if I had the clip right here I would make maybe five cuts here I would have the normal speed right here. I would have times two and in the middle, I would have something like times four what that does for you is it gives you a bit of like a pyramid effect. where it’s more gradual it’s not this jarring speedup stop effect. it feels natural more of a flow to it. and I need to say that if you’re shooting with a camera that doesn’t do fast motion or slow motion don’t take that as like a disadvantage. sometimes the best stories are just told by shooting 30 frames a second in other words like normal speeds. I understand your equipment and how to make the most of it.

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I am a professional content writer with over 5 years of experience in the industry. My specialties include SEO-optimized articles, website contents.

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Mithun Debnath

I am a professional content writer with over 5 years of experience in the industry. My specialties include SEO-optimized articles, website contents.